WRO Future Engineers Getting Started

Starting from the 2020 season World Robot Olympiad is expanding the set of competitions offered for students around the world by adding a new competition: "Future Engineers".

The WRO Future Engineers category is a self driving car competition. Students ages 15 to 19 will design a model car, equip it with electromechanical components, and program it so it will be able to autonomously drive on a track and avoid obstacles.

FE competition field

More details about the competition can be found at the official site of WRO Association.

The Future Engineers challenge does not limit the students to any specific hardware or programming language, which is why working with electromechanical components (motors and sensors) and/or with a micro controller will be challenging. Moreover, the most effective way to make a car fully autonomous is to use a camera and computer vision algorithms. This is also a completely new direction in WRO competition, never used before. The goal of this site is to provide materials for an initial understanding of how the self-driving vehicle can be assembled and how it can be programmed to achieve results in the competition.

This site covers the following topics:

Enjoy, as you acquire new knowledge and skills!

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